Top 10 Worst Drinks for Your body


Worst Drinks: Nothing is better than drinking a glass of ice cold water for refreshes the body and minds. Even hot water is arguably the best drink to quench your thirst, but it’s not particularly taste.  That’s why you might prefer to order up a juice, cocoa, margarita, coffee or ice tea. These are more satisfying and taste beverage to quench your thirst. Problem is, those choices can be deceptively high in calories and sugar, and all of them which are slowly destroying your body. Now you do not understand the harmful facts but may start to feel years after continuous intake.

Top 10 Worst Drinks

Worst Drinks

You may go for a drink that putting big “100% Natural” labels on the bottles or cane, hiding the damaging information such as sugar and saturated fat amount, on the back or bottom in much smaller print.  How many of you actually notice beyond the calorie content on the ingredient labels?

If you are trying to lose weight or simply bear a healthier lifestyle, avoiding bad beverage is must. You must have to identify the best drinks for body and need to ignore bad ones. To make you job easy, here we have made a list of 10 worst drinks that slowly damaging the body.

10Soda & Diet Soda

When it comes to the worst drinks, soda ranks the number one among them. This is because; soda has zero nutritional value and contains ungodly amount of sugar and corn syrups. In fact, over consumption’s of sodas have been linked to a several harmful health problems including liver diseases, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and obesity.

9Fruit Juice

Many of you would like to take a juice as healthy drink options- this is because it’s made from fruit after all. Problem is, most of the fruit is rich on fiber but juice isn’t.  So even if you choose only those that labeled with “100% Juice” and ignore drink with added sugar (like grape cocktail), they are still high in the sugar stuff. In fact, a cup of grape juice has 36 grams sugar and a cup of apple has 31 grams- that not far away from what you will get in a can of lemon-lime soda (44 grams sugar).

So you should eat a fresh fruits to get the nutritional benefits rather taking a cup of juice.

8Sweetened Ice tea

You can easily take a cup of tea every morning- it’s a full of disease busting antioxidant. Problem is, syrup-sweet ice teas has a wallop of the white stuff, which is actually cancelling out the health benefits.  One sweetened ice tea bottle contains almost 30 grams of sugar, that’s quite like a dessert.  But yes, you can take unsweetened ice tea since it has zeo added sugar.

7Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are very popular type of beverage, which are regularly consumed by 30%-50% of children, adolescents and young adults. Due to the overload of caffeine and sugar, you may get an energy burst by drinking it, but it will be a short term fix.  Even though they are not high in terms of calories, 8-ounc serving can run you more than 25 grams sugar. More than that, consumption of energy drink can increase healthy people’s blood pressure, and it can be also harmful for heart. So if you need a quick boost of caffeine then take a cup of coffee instead.

6Flavored Water

You should only pick those that only list water and natural flavor on the product labels. This is because along with vitamins, most of the flavored water also contains artificial sweeteners and chemicals.

5Premade Fruit smoothies

Premade fast-food smoothies are not healthy all times, because it doesn’t always have real fresh fruits and are loaded with sugar. So for a “healthy” fruits smoothies, make it yourself so you can control the ingredients.

4Whipped coffee drinks

It can provide you up to 800 calories and 170 grams of sugar. To minimize the overload, choose skim milk, half the syrup and skip the whip or try a plain iced coffee.

3Sports Drink

Along with the water, a bottle of typical sports drink contains more than 50 grams of sugar and preservatives you don’t need.   Unless you are in training for serious marathon, you should not drink sports drink. After regular workout or exercise only drink water for hydrating yourself.


It would be great to drink only lemon and water, and you could sweeten it yourself.   Problem is, ready-made lemonade laden with sugar, preservatives and artificial coloring. So always make your own drinks and opts for less sugar or try honey to sweeten.

1Hard liquor/ hard alcohol

Alcohol can be a either a tonic or a poison. After 2 drinks your risk of obesity and other health problems increases. So always keep it under control and don’t drink too much.

Consumption of above 10 worst drinks can lead to several health problems and it can also create obstacles in your weight loss program.  So try to avoid all these beverage and drinks and only consume homemade drinks.