Top 15 Most Beautiful and Hot Japanese Women 2017


The Japanese women have unique types of beauty which differ them from others. They always maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Therefore, Japanese women never looked aging and fat. These Japanese women are naturally cute and innocent looking. In Japan, you will find many beautiful and hot Japanese women. You don’t need to find all over the country, just take a look at the Japanese entertainment world. There are so many beautiful women are working in Japanese media industry. These Japanese women are sexy, hot and talented.

Top 15 Hot Japanese Women

Here, we provide you list of top 15 most beautiful and hottest Japanese women. All of these sexy Japanese women are famous and successful in their career.

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15.  Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is one of the hottest Japanese women who started her career in adult movies. At the age of 19, She received enormous media coverage for her exotic adult videos. She then joined Japanese film industry but always known as adult movie star. This sizzling hot Japanese model was born on January 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan.

14.  Masami Nagasawa

Masami Nagasawa is one of the top ranked actresses in Japanese film industry. Due to her exotic beauty and enormous talent she gets popularity quickly. Nagasawa is best known for her role in From Up on Puppy Hill (2011), Our Little Sister (2015) and Crying out Love in the Center of the World (2004).

13.  Misaki ito

The 39-years-old actress and model is still looking so hot and astonishingly beautiful. Misaki is one of the popular models in the Japanese TV. She has been the face of Shiseido cosmetic since 2001. Misaki is best known for providing the look and voice of Miss Nagai in the game James Bond 007- Everything or Nothing. Her famous movies include Ju-on-The Grudge (2002) and Sea Cat (2004).

12.  Reon Kadena


She is arguably one of the hottest Japanese actress and model. Aside her seductive body, she has one of the most cutest and innocent faces in Japanese modeling industry. Another model who starts her career with controversial nude photos and videos. However, Reon did several low budget films and dramas including Tripl-h(2004), Girl’s Desire (2004), Kamen Rider Ghost (2008), and God’s Right Hands, Devils Left Hands (2006). Reon is also frequently appearing on popular Japanese talk shows as well as glossy publications.

11.  Erika Toda

Erika Toda’s fabulous figure and acting skills have made her one of the hottest property in Japanese Media. At the age of 12, she made her acting debut on a TV series, Audrey in 2000. Erika did her first film in 2006, and the movie was Death Note. There’s no doubt that this buxom beauty is one of the hottest Japanese women.

10.  Keiko Kitagawa

Keiko Kitagawa is a multi-talented ladies who was an exclusive model for the Japanese Seventeen Magazine (2003 to 2006), soon after, she quite modeling to expand her acting career. Kitgawa has appeared in many TV dramas and films including a Hollywood movie, the First and Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).

9.  Kurara Chibana

Kurara Chibana is a bold and hot Japanese model and actress. Her striking looks and intelligent personality has made her on of the best Japanese women. She was one of the most favorite to win the Miss Universe 2006 contest, but eventually finished as 1st runner-ups. However, Chibana won the title of Miss Universe Japan in 2006.

8.  Mao Inoue

Mao Inoue is one of the most adorable, hot Japanese’s actresses who starred in many dramas and movies. Born January 9, 1987 in Yokohama, Japan. Mao debuted as U-15 idol, better known for her role as AkaneImai in Kids War and as Makino Tsukushi in Hana Yori Dango Tv series. She often mentioned her mother as her main motivator to became an actress. She graduated from Meiji University in 2009.

7.  Honda Tsubasa

Hoda Tsubasa is a 24 years old Japanese actress and model. She is also a top notch beauty queen in Japan. In 2006, she made her debut as an exclusive model for the magazine Seventeen. Next year, she switched magazine and became an exclusive model for Love Berry.  Honda’s first film was Fashion Story:Model in 2012. She is now a familar faces in TV networks and Japanese film industries.

6.  Yukie Nakama

Yukie Nakama represents true natural beauty and acting skill which helped her success in the entertainment industry. Nakama is a versatile talented woman who is an actress, singer and former idol. Born on October 30, 1979 in Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan. The 37-years-old lady is considered as one of the country’s most popular and well-respected actress.

5.  Yumiko Shaku

Another Japanese model turned actress, Yumiko Shaku has been a popular faces in japan since arriving in the entertainment industry. Although she has stunning figure, but mainly established her through acting skills. She has received enormous popularity for her role in the Godzilla Agaisnt MechaGodzilla(2001), The Princes Blade (2002) and Shichinin no onna bengohsi(2006). She is now 38 years old but still looks quite hot than any other women.

4.  Mikie Hara

Mikie Hara is a super hottest Japanese actress and gravure idol. Hara born on July 3, 1987 in Murakami, Nigata, Japan. There should be no debate regarding her sexual appeal and fabulous figure. She is better known for her role in Detarame Hero (2013), Huricane Polimar (2017) and Dr. Irabu Ichrio(2011).

3.  Maki Horikita

She has announced her retirement from entertainment industry.  Maki starred in numerous Japanese dramas, films and magazine throughout from 2003 to 2017. During her career, she was one of the talented actresses. Maki Horikita born October 6, 1988 in Tokyo, Japan. This lady is automatic choice for the list of most beautiful Japanese women.

2.  Nozomi Sasaki

She is one of the most sexiest and beautiful Japanese woman. Nozomi Sasaki is a Japanese actress, singer and former professional fashion model. Nozomi is simply looks like a cutest doll. She has been appeared on numbers of TV commercial, Magazines and films. When she was 14, Nozomi started her modelling career mainly in the collection circuit, and for fashion and cosmetic advertisements. However, Nozomi Saski is not only a multi-talented lady but also a symbol of pure beauty.

1.  Ayumi Hamasaki

This blossom-faced lady, Ayumi is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter, model and actress. In fact, she is one of the Japanese music’s highest earning performers. She is a living legends and iconic stars in her industry. Her glamorous life style, appearance has had a huge impact on Japanese fashion industry.  Ayumi always wanted to achieve her popularity through her talents not as a product. More than that, she has written all her lyrical content and produced and sometime co-composed her songs. However, the 38-years-old is till topping the list of most beautiful and hot Japanese women.

There should be no concern about the above Japanese women that they are simply beautiful. If you have any other idea, then always feel free to share in the comment sections.