12 Sign of Dehydration-Tells You are not Drinking Enough Water


Dehydration symptoms: Nothing is better than drink a tall, ice cool glass of water. Drinking water is the best way to refreshing the body and more satisfying than a cup of coffee or a can of soda. The water is the best natural drinks gifted by god, which provide numerous health benefits. In fact, we can’t stay alive without drinking water. The doctors and dietician always recommended to drinking enough water daily. Unfortunately, we often forget this and ignore the most valuable element in the world, the water. We don’t drink enough water on daily basis, as a result our bodies are getting dehydrated and damages body parts.

Symptoms of Dehydration

The following 12 symptoms will indicates that you might be dehydrated and need to drink enough water.

Dehydration Symptoms

Dry Mouth

Always try to carry a bottle of pure water with you. If you feel your mouth is dry then there’s a possibility that you are slowly dehydrated. Some medications can also result in dry mouth for its side effects.  So only sign of dry mouth doesn’t mean you are totally dehydrated.

Skin is Dry

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, so it needs to be keeping hydrated.  The dry skin is the earliest symptoms of dehydration and it indicates the lack of water in your body. A lack of water means a lack of sweat that results in body’s inability to eliminate the excess dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day.

Headache Problems

A mild to moderate types of headache can be the cause of dehydration, especially if it combined with one or more other symptoms.  So if you feel headache then you might need to drink more water.

You’re Over thirsty

That’s obvious that you need to drink water if you feel thirsty. But if you think you are drinking enough water and still always thirsty then it could be a sign of diabetes.  You should know better than anybody else why you are thirsty?

Urine Problems

Trust me, you need to go toilet for minimum 4-7 times a day to release the urine from your body. If this not happened, then you might be suffering by dehydrations.  Also check the urine color, it should be in light yellow or clean color. If you see urine in darker yellow then you are badly needed to drink water.

Dizziness or Vertigo

Dizziness or vertigo is another symptom of dehydrations and you need to drink more water. But again these may happened due to other things like of medications or lack of sleep overnight.

Chronic Fatigue

Your body’s blood and other fluids are comprised mainly of water.  So when your body is dehydrated it “borrows’ water from blood. Due to lack of water, your blood becomes thicker and your heart has to put out more energy to keep oxygen and nutrients moving throughout the system. Not surprisingly, the lack of oxygen results in sleepiness and chronic fatigues. So nothing is more helpful than drinking lots of water.

High or Low Blood Pressure

The lack of water in body may decrease the overall blood volume, which result in consistently low blood pressure. Also the increase in blood cholesterol due to dehydration can cause arterial build-up and eventually that lead to high blood pressure.

Muscle Mass Decreases

Your muscles are also comprised mostly of water. So of course, lack of water means lack of muscle mass.  Drinking water is the best way to supply water in every parts of your body.  It will not only keep you hydrated and comfortable, also decrease the chance of developing inflammation and soreness related to exercise and weightlifting.

Increased Heart Rate

An impetuous heartbeat is another key symptom that you are not drinking enough water.  This is something scariest and you need to drink lots of water immediately.

Feel Sleepy

If you are feeling dozing and sleepiness then it could be the sign of dehydrations. This is how your body slowing down the reserve water.  So to keep your body running and hydrated, take a glass and drink few glass of water.


When you feel hungry, it always doesn’t mean your body looking for foods; in fact you are actually thirsty. Little hunger pangs are another symptoms that you need to drink water. So before grab a burger or pizza, try to drink a glass of pure water.

There are so many other sign or symptoms will tell you that you are not drinking enough water. So to keep you hydrated, and drink minimum 8 glass (64 ounce) of water on daily basis.