Watermelon Diet Benefit for Fast Weight Loss


Watermelon Diet: Have a special day coming? Need to lose weight to look different and cute from others? Already tried several diet plans didn’t work? No problems; you can get rid of some extra pounds in less than a week with this magical fruits.  Yes, I am talking about watermelon diet. Watermelon diet for weight loss is extremely effective if it followed properly.

Watermelon is mainly grows in tropical sub-climate region, but it’s widely available and not an expensive fruits either. This fruit is extremely popular in summer and picnic, and for good reason. Their refreshing property and sweet taste helps to combat with the heat. Most importantly, the watermelon fights against the obesity.

Watermelon Benefit                 

This fabulous summer fruits are very rich in water and dietary fiber. Watermelon has almost 95-percentage of water and is an excellent way to naturally detoxifying the body and shed off excessive body-weight. The nutritionists recommend the watermelon due to the fact that has few calories but high amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, the watermelon is good for diabetic patients for its natural sugar elements.

Watermelon Diet for Weight Loss

Over the years, the watermelon diet has prescribed for many people to lead healthy and balanced lifestyles. More than that, this fruit has significant impact on the weight loss efforts. In fact, watermelon diet is recommended as one of the healthiest way to lose weight. This is because, the dietary plan includes other foods that provide the energy our body needs during the day, thereby allowing rapid weight loss without threatening our health.

Watermelon diet means, you would have to eat watermelon all day long, including for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from fast weight loss, this diet is also helpful for get rid of excessive toxins, water, salts and other excrement.

So if you are ready to attempt watermelon diet then you must have to do it in proper way. Always follow the dietary plan prescribed by the doctor or nutritionist.

Watermelon diet

Watermelon Diet Plan

Watermelon diet is the best way to lose weight quickly in a healthiest way. But you shouldn’t continue watermelon diet for longer time, 5-7 days are best to follow this diet plan. On the other hand, you should take care on the amount of fruit doesn’t exceed the prescribed limit. A normal watermelon diet contains 150kcal per serving during a day. You need to eat this portion 8times a day without fail. In other words, you have to eat 1Kg watermelon for every 10kg of your body, that mean if your weight is 60Kg then you need to 6Kg watermelon during a day.  If you follow watermelon diet plan for following 5-days you can expect to lose 4-5Kg during these days.

5-Days Watermelon Diet Plan

Breakfast: 1 cup tea, 2 whole grain crackers, one plain yogurt and 1 slices of watermelon

Snacks: 2 slice watermelon, 1 cup watermelon juice

Lunch: 1 grilled veal fillet, 1 pate of vegetable, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 1 plain yogurt sugar free

Snacks: 2 slice of watermelon or watermelon juice

Dinner: grilled hake, one plate of garlic sautéed artichokes, 1 slice of watermelon


You can take one cup of skim milk, 1 piece of whole grain toast with light cheese spread in the breakfast. For morning snacks, 2 slice of watermelon and watermelon juice.

In the Lunch, one plate of boiled cauliflower, 2 baked chicken thigh, one plain sugar free yogurt. For afternoon snacks, just like morning eat 2 slice of watermelon.

For the Dinner, one bowl of fat free vegetable soup, one slice of baked fish with lemon, one slice of watermelon.

Remember, you should not follow watermelon diet for longer time. For better result follow the diet plan step by step for suggested 5 days. Then take a break and go back to a healthy diet plan, which free of fatty foods and junk foods.

Advantages of Watermelon Diet

  • The king of fruits watermelon is a diuretic and blood tonic. It erases liquid and wastes elimination from the system.
  • It contains high fiber, which help to maintaining good digestive functions.
  • Watermelon is a hypocaloric- every 100 grams of watermelon has 7 grams of sugar and 32 grams calorie
  • Watermelon is the richest source of water, in which you can get 90-90% of water.
  • This amazing fruit is fit for diabetes patient; this is because it is low in carbohydrate and sugar.
  • It is obvious that you will lose weight with this diet


These types of diets aren’t recommended for people with kidney stones, pancreas disorders and pregnant woman.  Always take doctor advice before going on this diet. So do this watermelon diet properly to get the result quickly.