Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth

What is Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth?


Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth: Daniel Radcliffe is a British actor, better known as Harry Potter, who has an estimated net worth of $110 Million. Playing the lead role in the Harry Potter films series was a big turnaround for his fortunes. At very early age, Radcliffe has got the name and international frame through Harry Potter characters. This made him one of the wealthiest young celebrities in the industry.

Daniel radcliffe net worth

Name Daniel Radcliffe
Date of Birth July 23, 1989
Residance Manhattan, New York,  U.S.
Occupation Actor
Nationality United Kingdom
Height 5 Feet 4 inch
Partner Single
Children None
Net Worth $110 Million
Income Source Films


About Daniel Radcliffe

He was born on July 23, 1989 in London, England. He was born as the only child of a Jewish mother and an Irish father. Intend to be an actor; Radcliffe made his acting debut at the age of 10, when he starred in BBC One’s 1999 two-part-mini-series on David Copperfield. His feature film debut was The Taylor of Panama in 2010. At the age of 11, Radcliffe was cast as a title character in Harry Potter first film, Harry Potter and the Philoshper’s Stones. Since then he appeared in the series for 10 years until the release of final part in 2011. Interestingly, Radcliffe’s parents were not willing to accept the offer of Harry Potter films, as they had been told that film’s six shots would picture in Lose Angeles.

The films became highly popular and earned whopping profit in both UK and United Sates. Daniel Radcliffe earned a seven figure salary for the role of Harry Potter. Though, Daniel admitted that money wasn’t key factors for him, as he loves his job. At the age 13, he was conjuring up more money than his parents, thanks to harry potter films. But his parents remained calm and managed all of his money with proper investment. It’s reported that Daniel had a fixed investment worth £18 million.

At age of 19, Daniel was brave enough to perform a full-frontal nude scene in Equss on Broadway. He was portrayed a troubled psychiatric patients who blinds six horses. The bold scene has certainly got significant amount of press and helps tickets sales- Advance sales for the shows have topped $3 million.

Daniel Radcliffe is no longer Harry Potter!

With a vulnerable faces, Radcliffe always find him under Harry Potter shadows. But he will be no longer part of the Harry Potter films, as the series comes to an end in 2011 with the part 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows.

Daniel Radcliffe is now showing, he is more than a Harry Potter’s boy. His recent movie includes- Woman in Black (2012), Kill Your Darling (2013), Victor Frankenstein (2014), Now You See Me 2 and Imperium (2016).

Radcliffe has won and nominated for several awards. His collection of awards includes- National Movie Awards 2007, Teen Choice Awards in 2011 and 2012, Glamor Awards Man of The Year 2013, Empire Hero Awards 2013, as well as two MTV Movies Awards.

How Much is Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth- $110 Millions

Daniel Radcliffe net worth mostly comes through Harry Potter money. So for the Harry Potter films have earned $5.4 billion, according to the Forbes Magazine. He has earned $95.6 million from the Harry Potter films, according to the CBS News.

Daniel owns three properties in New York and a flat in London.

  • At 20, he bought the New York West 12th Street Property, which worth above $5 Million.
  • He purchased 40 Mercer homes, which cost $4.3 Million.
  • His 1 Morton Square Home cost $4.9 Million

The British actor also involved in several charities, where he donated handsome amounts for the welfare.